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10/9/19 Message from the President:

Hello Neighbors,

Very soon you will be receiving information about our annual meeting and special meeting coming up on NOVEMBER 9TH. Your packet will contain information about the proposed amendments to our HOA documents. Please take a few minutes to read through the information packet provided and designate your proxy in case you cannot personally attend.

Should you have any questions about the information I recommend you attend our next Board of Directors meeting on October 16th, 630pm at the pool and PLEASE bring your proxy form with you.The Board will attempt to keep our business short so we can give each Homeowner the opportunity to ask questions-but limiting that time to 3 minutes will be enforced so all can speak. In addition to the items listed above, there will be other information discussed, including but not limited to: sidewalks, storm drainage issues and resolution, and the apartment development adjacent to our neighborhood.

As a reminder, this is NOT the "Annual meeting" but rather a Board meeting to give you an opportunity to ask questions should you have them, prior to the Annual meeting. I cannot stress enough the importance of your attendance or your proxy at the annual meeting. We need 70% of the membership to vote on the proposed changes-a very high number! This process is time consuming, costly, and not something we wish to repeat! So please, talk with your neighbors! If they cannot attend, urge them to send a proxy! In addition, expect to see a board member knocking on your door asking if you plan to attend and if not, please volunteer your proxy form to them. We simply must get this done!

In case you have not noticed this Board is getting a lot done but we need your help!
Karen Mason, HOA President

9/15/19 Message from the President:
Hello Neighboors,

So much going on in the community, where do I begin?
Let's start with sidewalks. We hired Rose Paving to address tripping hazards between 1/2" and 2", by either replacing or grinding as necessary with a timeline of 5-7 days, depending on weather. Rose Paving sent us a subcontractor to do the job without first informing us and the work is still not complete. We have been in constant contact with the foreman of the job who reassures us that the work will be completed to our satisfaction. They will not be receiving payment until it is. That said please understand that not all sidewalk issues will be addressed at this time due to budget constraints. Going forward we plan to address the sidewalks annually and do a few at a time in an effort to stay on top of the problems.
An email blast was sent out to residents regarding the public hearing to approve a rezoning request by AG Spanos Corporation and Clearview Land Design in order to construct a 3 story apartment complex adjacent to our subdivision off SR 54 with the entrance at the Oak Grove stoplight.  We have posted a map and the public hearings date, time and location at the pool, as well as here. At the last hearing in Dade City John Pavka and myself spoke to the board of commissioners in favor of reconsideration of the proposed zoning change. I can share with you that our success in fighting this development is unlikely. We have met with our County Commissioner Mike Moore, and we have also met with the team of developers. Although it sounds crazy that we should support an apartment complex at the rear of our community, the bigger fear would be: If not this-then what?- The Spanos Corporation has promised to be good neighbors and has already made some concessions from original plans to make sure they will be that good neighbor we are hoping for. They have also expressed an interest in working with us to address our major concerns regarding setbacks, traffic, and potential flooding issues. I will be posting maps and pictures at the next BOD meeting and if you have questions, I encourage you to attend.
Next up-violation letters. The process is going to change. A third party will be conducting the monthly drive through, pictures will be taken and posted to a Home Owners own portal via the website. Before any letters go out the picture and the letter will be approved by a member of the board. This was promised to us several months ago and West Coast Management has been put on notice that we expect it to come to fruition.
The BOD recently conducted a budget workshop and several line items have been added and we are looking at investment strategies to maximize interest earning potential. The vote to approve and adopt the budget will take place at the annual meeting.
We recently had to replace the pool pump and some electrical receptors. We are also having issues with many of our ponds. Weirs and berms are needing replaced mostly due to age, which are costly items. We have also discovered a problem emanating from a developer design with some drainage into conservation for which we have been required to hire an engineer to assess what can be done. This will be discussed at the next BOD meeting. The sign at the front of the community has rusted shut and is ant infested, a replacement has been ordered. In the meantime, check here and at the pool for any postings. Hope to see you at the next BOD meeting on Sept 18th, 630pm at the pool, and please remember that this is always where you can learn accurate info about what is going on in our neighborhood and voice your opinion where it matters. Dates to remember coming up: Annual picnic Sept. 21st 12-4pm. We will have a bouncy house with water slide, a DJ and Pibbs BBQ will be catering the event, should be lots of fun! Our community yard sale will be Oct 5th and our annual meeting will be at the pool on October 12th starting at 10am.
Karen Mason, HOA President

7/31/19 Message from the President:

Hello Neighbors,
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Hopefully you have all had the chance to cool off at the pool and take in our evolving look there- with more good things to come! However, next on our agenda is: SIDEWALKS!! Over the past few months we have been talking with the county, West Coast Management, and attorneys to the conclusion of hiring Rose Paving to repair and replace our sidewalks in accordance with ADA standards. This will include grinding or replacing anything over 1/4 inch lift. Unfortunately this will encompass a majority of our neighborhood, but we must be vigilant when it comes to the safety and liability of Twin Lakes residents and our HOA. The work will begin late August with exact date TBD. Letters will be sent to all residents before work commences. Please keep in mind that this WILL pose a TEMPORARY inconvenience. If you have already spent money to repair and/or replace your sidewalks-THANK YOU!! And I am sorry but no refunds or compensation will be considered for prior repairs. Once sidewalks are complete we have plans to get the streets cleaned as well.
Our Patriotic Pet Parade was not as successful as prior events, probably due to intermittent rain as well as conflicting information posted. My apologies for the misinformation. Softee King and Pet Supplies Plus were on hand to share tasty treats. My dogs had fun in spite of the rain!! We still have a couple more social events left on our calendar including our annual picnic and community yard sale as well as the holiday wine and cheese share.
And now a word about violation letters: Residents of Twin Lakes are bound by the covenants and restrictions of this Home Owners Association when you close on a home here to maintain your property to a standard of expectation. Your board in conjunction with our management company are tasked with enforcement of those same covenants and restrictions. Please do not be personally offended or personally blame others for a violation. It is in our best interest to maintain our property values.
Some of our residents have also received letters regarding a zoning change for a multi use complex behind us on SR 54. This involves a new luxury apartment complex and fitness center at the intersection of SR 54 and Oak Grove. I encourage all Twin Lakes residents to attend this public hearing to express our concerns about the traffic burden that will be imposed on Twin Lakes. The county has expressed no intentions of a stoplight for us and exit and entry to our subdivision is already a dangerous endeavor. See attachment below for date time and location of these hearings.
Let me say in closing that your volunteer board is working hard, we are happy to live here, and always appreciate your suggestions and neighborly observations!

Karen Mason, HOA President

7/23/19 Message from the President:

Hello Neighbors!
Summer is a week away and our neighborhood is looking great! In preparation for the season much work has been done at the pool:  all the old furniture has been replaced with new commercial grade weather resistant loungers,chairs, and side tables and 2 plastic coated steel tables with umbrellas will be arriving any day. The pool deck was recently resurfaced with new grit to prevent slippage, the rusted pool pump cover has been replaced, the pool house has been pressure washed and we are in the process of addressing some drainage issues there.

The drains in the neighborhood also require periodic inspection and clean out paid for by the HOA to prevent flooding and we are presently taking care of that as well.
I need to address our sidewalk issue: Many of our sidewalks do not meet ADA standards which is 1/4" and many are just blatant trip hazards. Your board has done their due diligence to research and address this matter to determine responsibility and liability for these trip hazards. We have consulted with the county and their attorney as well as our own attorney. We are soliciting estimates to repair the sidewalks but NO DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE.

This is not a decision we will take lightly due to the heavy cost involved but we must weigh the liability and safety of our residents. If we move forward it will be costly, and that alone may prevent us from taking action. If you would like to weigh in on this or any other topic, please attend our monthly meeting, next scheduled for July 23rd, 6:30pm at the community pool. These are non-contentious meetings with a format and business to be conducted where all homeowners are given the opportunity to speak. In the interest of time your comments will be welcomed at the end and limited to 3 minutes per resident. Remember, YOU ARE THE HOA! We are volunteers representing you and the best interests of our community.
Calling all pet lovers!! Our next social event will be the patriotic pet parade held in the field beside the pool on July 13th, exact time TBD. Signage will be posted. Bring your pet in patriotic duds (or not) and come enjoy some fun. There will be pet treats and people treats!!!! You do not need a pet to attend and you do not have to dress your pet to attend, it would just be more fun if you do!!

Finally, the June Curb Appeal Award has been awarded to Keith and Maryann Bowe, 24239 Painter Dr. Please drive by and take a look at
all their hard work, it truly is a standout!!

Karen Mason, HOA President

4/17/19 Message from the President:

Hello Neighbors!
Spring has sprung here in Twin Lakes and your board is beginning the process of taking bids for renovations and upgrades at the pool area. We are hoping to build a deck area extending toward the lake with a dock for fishing and boat launch. If you know a reputable and licensed contractor to recommend for this project please forward those to West Coast Management ASAP. 

Other ideas the board is discussing are: street sweepers to remove the piles of dead leaves and sand in the gutters and streets, license plate recognition cameras at the entrance to further prevent, detect, and deter wrong-doers in our community. It is no secret that Pasco county and our neighborhood as well as surrounding neighborhoods have some problems with car theft and car burglary, so please folks, LOCK YOUR DOORS! Yet another reason to keep shrubs and landscaping trimmed and at a minimum. THINK SAFETY!

We have also ordered a new cover for the pool pump as the current one is very old, rusted, and no longer does the job.
The St. Patrick's Day party at the pool was a lot of fun! The DJ was amazing and the kids enjoyed the Irish trivia. Party favors were given out and green beads and corned beef sandwiches were enjoyed by all!

Sorry if you missed the crime prevention meeting presented at the pool by Deputy Ron Bizetto (former TL resident), it was a very informative talk! Don't forget: If you see something, say something! Don't be afraid to call 911 if you are scared or afraid and let them know! or even the non-emergency line if its just something odd. Better safe than sorry!
This is never a pleasant thing to bring up, however, at the urging of our residents I must remind you that if you have received more than 3 violation letters for the same offense, the board has the right to cure the problem and bill the Homeowner via a lien on the property. This is never a process that any of us wish to pursue, but rather a direct result of living in a deed-restricted community. Govern yourself accordingly to avoid any such action.
As always, if you have any ideas, suggestions, contributions, or complaints, :(  let us know, we want to hear it. Next BOD meeting May, 2, 7pm, Publix on Collier Pkwy.
Karen Mason, HOA President

3/13/19 Message from the President:

Hello Neighbors!
Hoping to see you all Saturday March 16th from 12-4pm for the St. Patrick's Day Pool Party! We will have Irish trivia with prizes, corned beef, beads and fun, so you havegot to come!!! and btw, if you have not picked up your pool FOB, they will be available at the party.

Also wanted to make you aware that we have had more vandalism at the pool. We have the culprit on camera and charges are pending but if you plan to use the playground please be aware that the back fence is mutilated. We are hoping our insurance will cover the damage but the repair will not take place until March 19th.

While on the subject of vandals, we have had numerous car break-ins and even car theft here in our community, so I have invited Deputy Ron Bizetto to come talk with us about crime prevention and a neighborhood watch program. He will be speaking at the pool on Tuesday March 26th at 630pm. Really hope for a large attendance so we can work together to keep our community safe!
Speaking of safety, please remember to watch your speed while driving through our community! We are all in a hurry these days but our kids and pedestrians need to feel safe here, not to mention the wildlife!
We have appointed a by-laws committee and they have begun the laborious task of revising our outdated Covenents. This is not a short process, but one that will require a vote of the membership, so be on the lookout for that date in the future, most likely at the annual meeting.
Don't forget curb appeal awards begin again next month, sooooo ... READY, SET, KILL WEEDS!!!!

Yours Truly,
Karen Mason, HOA President

2/17/19 Message from the President:

Hello Neighbors!
Your new board has been busy getting organized for the new year ahead and we have some fun things to share. First is our upcoming social calendar consisting of:

1. St. Patrick's Day Pool Party (March 16)
2. Patriotic Dog Parade 
3. September Annual Picnic
4. October Annual Yard Sale
5. Holiday Wine and Cheese Share (for adults only).
Plus Halloween and Christmas decorating contests. 

Exact dates to be determined so check back for updates! The St. Patrick's Day pool party will be an opportunity to meet your new board to share ideas for the community and also any concerns you may have. We would also like your input on some of our goals for the year and how you would ask us to prioritize our ideas. Some of those ideas include: remodeling the clubhouse and restrooms, adding a boardwalk/dock/picnic area at the lake, a gated entrance, a neighborhood watch, among many other things!
Your board has acknowledged that keeping up lawns becomes especially difficult during the winter months so we have made the decision to suspend the curb appeal award through the months of Dec-March. Soooo get ready for April everybody!! BTW, if you are having medical issues that prevent you from being able to maintain the normal upkeep on your lawn, please reach out to West Coast Management or a board member to see if we can help.
Yours Truly,
Karen Mason, HOA President


  Photo of subdivision entrance monument.
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